Welcome to the portfolio website of Tríona Butler. This is a sideways site so click on the navigation or arrows to go right and left.

I designed and created this site as part of my Interactive Media Masters course at the University of Limerick. You will find my latest coursework in the portfolio section. You can watch and listen to my audio work by visiting the player. You can flick through some of photography work in the gallery.

I hope you enjoy using the site. Visit the about page to find out more about me and how I made this website.

I'd love to hear your feedback, if you have any queries or suggestions please do contact me. Thanks for visiting!

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I am Hiawatha Blog

photo of me About Tríona Butler? I'm am currently a student at the University of Limerick, undertaking the Interactive Media Masters. For my undergraduate I studied Communication Studies in Dublin City University.

After graduating in 2007 I began working in the Limerick based, creative company Tricycle Interactive. I worked there as a web designer and developer. When the opportunity arose I applied for the Interactive Media course in UL, and here I am on my first day at very big school!

About my Website? This website is made using CSS and HTML with some JQuery thrown in for good measure.

Interesting features:

The story of the site reads left to right (just like the navigation). The story begins on my hometree planet and moves further away accross the sea and past the moon and ends up in outer space.

I drew the background graphics by hand on paper. I took a photo of them, brought the images into photoshop and then coloured them using a waacom tablet... slow work but I really like the result.

The site uses javascript to slide sideways, so all the sections of the site are made in one page.

I've used cufon on this site for text replacement. cufón is Javascript only. This means that I can use a fancy bubble font without using the problematic Flash and the headings are actual text tags not flat images. This is a really exciting development for web design and opens up huge font possibilities!

The portfolio vertical sliders also use javascript and contain module info

I used a lovely little javascript gallery for my photos and embedded vimeos to display my videos in the player

plus there's lots lots more...



A video prototype for Hirbert - The Halogen Illuminated Robot called Bert

Utterly Cutlery


A video prototype for a musical kitchen cutlery drawer.

A Piano On A Hill

Audio / Flash

I made this flash animation to compliment my three note music composition entitled A Piano On A Hill. I used handrawn elements and animated them in flash. I used the lines go all over the place app for the crazy lines part.



This is a little flash project I've been working on... Its a story about a little radio alarm clock. Its only an animation so far but I'm going to add audio and more graphics soon.

The portfolio… this portfolio is designed to showcase the work I’ve completed so far on my Masters course. With this in mind I’ve organized my work by module, so just click on the module titles below to find out more about projects from each module. View Semster One or Semester Two modules

Semster One

CS6021 > Foundations of Interactive Media Design

Twitter Usability:

For this project we took an iterative approach to the evaluation and re-design of Twitter based on usability analysis. An analytical evaluation of the Twitter interface was carried out using Jacob Neilson’s heuristic principles. The results of this ultimately led to the construction of prototype of a redesigned Twitter interface. This prototype was then subjected to empirical evaluation. The results of our evaluations and analysis culminated in a final set of redesign requirements.

Download Report PDf
View Online Prototype

screenshot of twitter prototype
CS6031 > Interactive Media in Society

For this module Fionn Lavery and I worked on two projects:

Presentation One:

For this presentation Fionn and I explored the topic of Utopias and Dystopias: Future Societal Visions.

Download: our powerpoint presentation

Report & Presentation Two:

For this presentation and essay report we looked at Music Priacy. We explored recent legal battles in Ireland and Europe and also explored whether new sharing economies were a nurturing environment for music cultures. We focused on ‘mash ups’. We also talked to some young Irish musicians to place a localised frame on this divisive topic.

Download: our presentation and report

presentation 2 cover presentation 1 cover
CS6041 > Interactive Media Project/Workshop 1

Photography & Photohshop

Eoin Stephenson, resident photographer at the University of Limerick gave our class an intensive two-day photography workshop during the semester. I've included some of my favourite photos from that day and others that I took myself during the year in my photo gallery.

I designed the graphics for this website in photoshop based on my own sketches. You can read more about the story behind my website design on the about page. I've included in the photo gallery some of my photoshop compositions. Visit the photo gallery

Video Prototype:

For this project we were asked to design an interactive product for a kitchen and create a video prototype for presentation in class. Our concept was to create a prototype for a light that follows you around the ceiling. We envisioned an interactive ceiling robot that moves around a kitchen to give the user the best possible light wherever they need it. We called our product Hirbert - the halogen illuminated robot called Bert
Watch the Movie


For my sound project I took an ordinary cutlery drawer and imagined the possibilities for augmented sound to improve its usability. I created a video prototype to illustrate my idea. The principle of the musical cutlery drawer is to help the user to keep cutlery in the right place while introducing a play element to the daily chore of unloading the dishwasher.
Watch & Listen

this website from a far
CS6131 > MIDI and Computer Programming

3 Note Assignmnet

For this assignment I composed a 4 minute piece of music in Logic using just 3 notes. I made a flash animation which reflects the inspiration and concept behind this piece of music. Watch the animaiton - A Piano On A Hill


In this project I built a patch in Max MSP which could play 5 different sequences and manipulate them live. I created the sequences in Logic. Also I worked with Quartz composer to create visuals which were controlled by the sounds created by the Max patch.

Java Project

Putting together this Java was a great way to learn the basics of Java and to understand the logic of programming. Download a pdf of my java project

Thesis > Proposal

For my dissertation I propose to design and create an augmented popup book, where novel interactive computer technologies extend the means through which the popup book can tell a story and enhance the user's experience of interacting with the book.
Download Proposal PDF

Semster Two

CS6022 > Principles of Interactive Media Design

Project 1: Design Sensibility. What does it mean to be a designer?

On Monday March 8th, Fionn Lucy and Myself presented the result of our exploration into the topic “Design Sensibility. What does it mean to be a designer?”. In advance of the seminar... read more on my blog

Download: my powerpoint presentation
Download: my report (PDF)

Project 2: Thesis Presentation

[Group Presentation]

On Tuesday, April 20th, I presented my latest Thesis proposal to Gabriela and my iMedia class and found the whole exercise very beneficial. In the process of preparing the presentation... read more on my blog

Watch: a video of my keynote presentation

Thesis Presentation Blog Series:
Post [1] What is it?,
Post [2] Why is it important?,
Post [3] Inspiration,
Post [4] The Build

Project 3: Thesis Report

Download: my thesis report

CS6032 > Professional Issues in Interactive Media

Project 1: Ethical Evaluation

For this project Beata, Brian, FIonn and myself worked together. Our report presents the authors’ approach to and ethical analysis of the "Computer as Jury" case study

Download: Our Ethics report

Project 2: Presentation

For this project Beata, Brian, Fionn, Grace and I worked together to create a presentation on Copyright and Intellectual Property Law. We took a novel approach for this project and presented our research in the form of a TV show which we called "Answers to Questions". We made sme video clips before hand which we played during our show. Brian and I went out on campus with camera and recorded voxpops from UL students on what they thought copyright was, Beata made a "Single Ladies" mashup video using the many youtube reaction videos and we also made a short film. The short film portrays what our future society might be like if copyright law continues to become more restrictive and pervassive. We will put up a video of our presentation as soon as we get it edited together.

Watch: "Is this what Copyright will be like in the future?"

back to the future!
CS6042 > Interactive Media Project/Workshop 2

This semester our workshop wth Mikael covered Flash; Google Sketchup; PD & Gem; Arduino, Processing & electronics; and also Prototyping. I've created 6 projects specifically for this module and 2 other major projects that relate to the module. Many of the projects I've created span over different sections of the module. Below you will find the title of each project, tags, and a link to the project page.

Project: Flash Popup Book - Thesis Prototype

[Flash, Prototyping] View this project

Project: Urban Playground - 3D model

[Sketchup] View this project

Project: Cube City - Flash app

[Flash, Sketchup] View this project

Project: Installation Space - Thesis Prototype

[Sketchup, PD + Gem, Prototyping] View this project

Project: Drawing Machines - Arduino

[Ardunio, Processing, Electronics] View this project

Project: Gravity Always Wins

[Processing] View this project

Project: A Stor - IWAMD

[Max MSP + Jitter] View this project

Project: Lighthouse Elemental - Plassey House Projection Mapping

[Max MSP + Jitter] View this project

CS6162 > Contemporary Art in the Public Realm

Project: A Stor - IWAMD

[Indoor installation] read my blog post

Project: Lighthouse Elemental - Plassey House Projection Mapping

[Outdoor Projection] View this project

Project: Púca ár Scath - CATDIG SpiritStore

[Performance] read my blog post

CS61612 projects
Thesis > Presentation & Report

Project 3: Thesis Report

Download: my thesis report

thesis installation visual representation

A visual representation of my proposed Thesis installation




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